The GauntletGauntlet, like many words, has multiple meanings.  In the context of medieval customs, it refers to a stout armored glove that protects the hand and wrist.  Historically, when knights were confronted by an adversary, the Gauntlet was thrown down to present a challenge to either engage in battle, or submit one’s self to the adversary.  To pick-up the Gauntlet meant that the challenge was accepted.
Today's culture declares that chivalry is dead.  Insidious forces have raged war against what is traditionally considered to be a sense of common understanding and mutual respect within mankind.  These interactions include the rolls of men and women, husbands and fathers, spiritual leaders, mentors, and/or public servants, or what it simply means to be a faithful friend.  Numerous complex and rapidly changing factors have negatively caused the notion of retreat occurring in the hearts and souls of men.  Many have disengaged and abdicated their purpose to bear God's image with confidence and strength.  Unfortunately, ignorance, isolation, apathy, passivity, depression and anger characterize the lives of many men leading them down a path of self destructive behaviors and chronic addictions.  These negative behaviors include; drug abuse, alcoholism and illicit sexual activities.  Many silent, inward struggles which face men today can be traced to the simple fact they never acquired the affirmation of love from their fathers.  Others have lost faith because they have been emasculated by religion.
The Gauntlet is a ministry organization for men, by men created to address the issues that plague men on a daily basis.  We adhere to a “band of brothers” philosophy which encourages men to accept the challenge to reclaim what it is to be a real men.  It is a support group of seriously committed guys who are brutally honest, transparent and confront personal issues and want to change.  Accountability is expected.  Confidentiality is sacred.  What is discussed at The Gauntlet stays at the Gauntlet.  Genuine fellowship is fostered with lots of hot coffee, great food, worship and biblical exhortation.  Lives are being radically changed by the supernatural move of the Holy Spirit as men are accepting the challenge to live the abundant life offered through Jesus Christ.

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