The Oasis Christian FellowshipOasis Christian Fellowship began in September, 2003 as an independent, non-denominational church. Our focus is a genuine desire to reach out to the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Oasis is a church family that welcomes everyone for who they are! Young or old, single, married, divorced or newly alone & ALL ARE welcome here!

Being a Bible scholar is not necessary! And & if you have doubts or questions about God & we understand! The Oasis is a place of refreshment! This is a place to visit & a place to develop real, honest and sincere relationships with people that you can trust & people that care!

The Oasis is a place where people share life experiences, burdens and victories! The Oasis is a place to experience and enjoy family unity! And ... the Oasis is a place to explore the relevance of God's Word!

Oasis Christian Fellowship is a WORD CHURCH!

Oasis started with a Tuesday night Bible study in a coffee house in Webster, NY called ... "Zamars!" Over 120 people crammed into this very small yet intimate space to share God's Word and fellowship of the saints! Of course ... the aroma of freshly brewed coffee added to our enjoyment!

The study grew steadily and before long we started a Saturday night Sabbath service at a local health club called King's Gym! The demand for Sunday services was close on the heels of that move and within a very short time the Lord opened doors for us to move into the Webster Community Center. Our very first service at the WCC was on Easter Sunday morning, 2004.

We believe completely in the Bible, the Word of God. We regularly teach from the Bible in expository form. We believe that the Bible contains the truth that will lead us into a Correct Relationship with Jesus Christ & Abundant Life here on earth & and Eternal Life with Him!

We have a fervent emphasis on worship here at Oasis Christian Fellowship! We believe that every Christian is called to live a life of worship and to frequently assemble with other believers to worship Our Lord Jesus Christ! In corporate worship, we grow individually as well as encourage our brothers and sisters to grow as well! We are musically minded and one of our objectives is to encourage musicians in their ministry of sharing the Gospel through music!

"Family" is one theme that you will hear repeatedly at Oasis. We believe that in the "microwave society" we live in ... that people need relationships that are rock solid! We believe that those relationships are found in a biblical family setting! As you get involved at Oasis Christian Fellowship ... we know that you will establish and grow in your relationships with other brothers and sisters in Christ!

Evangelism! The sharing of the Gospel of Christ is our heart's desire! We came to know the life changing truths of Jesus, and in the same way, we want to share those same truths with others who are seeking His truths! With that in mind, we are extremely conscious of the influence music has in our culture! Encouraging "musicianaries" to go out with the "New Song" is a main focus at the Oasis!

We are truly grateful for what the Lord has already done and is doing in our midst. Our vision is to share the Word of God! We will share Christ through the teaching of His Word, by personal exhibition of His love and through music, television, the Internet and print media & whenever and wherever the Lord gives us the opportunity!

Our goal is that everyone that comes in contact with Oasis Christian Fellowship will be challenged and encouraged! Challenged to give their life to Jesus Christ and live for Him ... AND & Encouraged to know that God loves them and has an incredibly wonderful and fulfilling future for them!

Our Senior Pastor, Samme Palermo has been involved in ministry, serving as Director of The Living Rock Ministries since 1985. His background includes a course in Berean Studies achieved through Bethel Christian Training Institute and Elim Bible College. He completed a three-year discipleship through a Calvary Chapel church in the Rochester, NY area and was ordained in 1993. He served in leadership of that church beginning in 1990, and as a full-time Assistant Pastor from 1993 until August of 2003.

Currently, Pastor Samme serves on the Advisory Board of Kingdom Bound Ministries; the Board of Directors for the Miracles Through Music Foundation; President/CEO of HeirChex Ministries; Director of the CRRC and is a long time member of the Gospel Music Association.

In addition, Pastor Samme has hosted a syndicated TV program and currently hosts a weekly Christian music radio show while providing spiritual oversight and counsel to several other radio programs, Christian musicians, bands and record labels.

Come ... visit and be part of our family!
God Bless you! Oasis Christian Fellowship - A Word Church
"Eyes on the Prize & and Soul on the Goal!"

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  • Who is The Oasis

    The Oasis is a church family that welcomes everyone for who they are! No matter what your life story contains, Read More
  • What We Believe

    We believe that there is one living and true God, eternally existing in three persons, the Father, the Son and Read More
  • History of Oasis

    Oasis Christian Fellowship began in September, 2003 as an independent, non-denominational church. Our focus is a genuine desire to reach Read More
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Oasis Events

7 Jul
The Gauntlet
Date 07.07.2022 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
9 Jul
OCF Men's Prayer Group
Date 07.09.2022 7:00 am - 9:00 am
10 Jul
Sunday Sabbath Service
Date 07.10.2022 10:00 am - 11:30 am
10 Jul
Bible Study
Date 07.10.2022 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
11 Jul
Leadership Board Meeting
Date 07.11.2022 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
12 Jul
The Light
Date 07.12.2022 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
13 Jul
Living Faith Bible Study
Date 07.13.2022 9:00 am - 11:00 am
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